A List Of 15 Best Examples Of Research Paper Topics Related To World Religions

There are many different topics that can be used as the basis of a research paper regarding world religions. In fact, you might wish to focus specifically on an individual religion or, alternatively, you might wish to compare and contrast two or more religions. Equally, you may wish to compare world religions in the modern-day to those of bygone years.

Furthermore, there are various different ways in which you can approach your work. For example, you may wish to write an argumentative paper about world religions, in which you try and argue for or against a particular point of view, or you may wish to use any other style of academic writing.

To give you some better ideas, there is a list of 15 of the best examples of research paper topics related to world religions below.

  1. A comparison of world religions according to the number of followers each one has
  2. How the number of followers is each religion has estimated, and how accurate are these estimations?
  3. An analysis of the distribution of different world religions over the past century
  4. Compare and contrast Islam and Christianity, paying particular attention to the Quran on the Bible
  5. To what extent do world religions influence the laws of different countries around the world?
  6. A comparison of different religions followed in the different continents of the world
  7. Compare and contrast the different ways in which Christianity is observed and followed in Europe and South America
  8. Outline and explain how the different denominations of Christianity were formed, and what are the differences between these denominations?
  9. Compare and contrast the major world religions of the 21st century with different religions that were believed and followed in the ancient world, but has since died out
  10. Analyze and discuss the origins of today’s major religions
  11. To what extent do Muslims follow the teachings of the Quran, and is the text still entirely relevant in the 21st century and, if not, how is it interpreted?
  12. Compare and contrast the holy books on the world’s three biggest major religions?
  13. Outline and discuss the importance of translating the Bible and what impact this had on the development of languages, and the ability of people to learn and understand foreign tongues?
  14. Based on predictions, what is the future of today’s modern major world religions?
  15. Should students be required to learn about different world religions whilst at school?